Monday, January 5, 2015


Everyone must have heard the Sephora make up brand which offers an extensive collection of makeup items catered to suit every woman’s taste. From lipstick, powders, blushers, eye shadows and more, women can find all the various items they need for their makeup kit at home. Women not only need make up before they step out of the house but also on the go for a quick touch up throughout the day.  There are 3 must-haves Sephora make up that every woman should have in their purse. The first item will definitely be a Sephora lipstick as without lipstick, a woman’s lips may look pale. Choose from the wide range of lipstick shades available from the brand such as nude, pink or bright red and stuff one in your purse. Lipsticks are always a must to carry around especially when after you had a meal. Eating and drinking can cause the lipstick on your lips to fade off; hence, carrying a lipstick around you all the time has its benefits.

The second item every woman must store in their purse is a Sephora compact powder. Compact powders are used by many women to have a smooth looking flawless face. The compact powder also helps women to prevent their face from shimmer oil and dullness especially living in a hot climate country like Malaysia. Women can find numerous compact powders tones that can complement their true skin colour. Besides that, women can also opt for a natural white compact powder for a lightweight feeling.

The third must-have Sephora make up for women to own is eyeliner. Eyeliner helps make a woman eyes look bolder and dramatic in its own way. Whether a black eyeliner or brown, women should always have one in their purse or handbag every time they step out of the house. Apply a sleek line on your eyelids and walk out feeling incredibly sexy. If you are who always smudges your eyes, opt for liquid waterproof eyeliner instead of the pencil ones. Interested ladies who are looking forward to add these 3 make up items should check out ZALORA Sephora make up for women collection online.

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