Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Things are just not going well few days. No matter how how hard i push.

So i try to distract the sadness to something which can drag my feeling not to think about it. Twilight was my saviour. The props, attire , the heroes seem to be perfect. Watching the movie wasn't enough till i bought the book. I am not a serious reader or even worse a bookworm. That wasn't my hobby at all. Amazing that this loneliness will give the bestest (private) time in my life.

It's kinda funny when i have a big crush on him. In the mid of 20's that sound crazy. Need to remind myself frequently teenager nomore!

Well it was just a hobby- i mean a new hobby or hobbies. Reading and admire the hero. Does these label as plural- (maybe) Hope few jugs of tears can be save perhaps?

Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 : Yearly Chinese Astrology

Pig Outlook (1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007)

The Pig has many opportunities to shine this year. Your generous nature is apparent in all aspects of your life. It is an admired quality that people respect. This year, your inherent generosity plays a large role in areas that you may not even be aware and may pave the way to a possible career change. You have an abundance of friends and you are well loved by your family. this year will only enhance these relations. One area that may create some issues is that you seem to overextend yourself to a point where there isn't any time left for you. This could lead to a change in priorities and could promote some better organizational skills.

53% (2 favorable 9 neutral and 1 unfavorable month)

The Pig may feel complacency in your current job position. This could be a year that you may need a change towards something that is more suitable for your needs. You may gravitate towards something that is more of a position that provides service to others, perhaps a non-profit organization or a customer service based position. Your busy schedule will also play a part in your work. You may be forced to choose between certain activities, as there are only seven, not eight days in a week. Whatever the course may be for your career, you will fit in well with your endearing personality.

Personally, 2009 will be a year that the Pig will enjoy much happiness. Both your social and domestic life will be endearing to you, providing you with encouragement and advice. Your family and friends will be the source of many memorable occasions this year. For the unattached Pig, there will be some romantic opportunities. Be careful who you let into your circle, as you tend to give others too much credit. July is a particularly favorable month for all Pigs.

The Pig would do well to watch your health this year. There may be an unforeseen incident that arises sometime during the year, most likely in late April or early May. This may cause you to look at your habits relating to your health. One area in particular is your diet. This year could provide a change in your eating habits, which could help other areas of your health.

There may be times this year when you are uncertain about your financial future, but there are things in your life that take precedence over money. You will be taken care of, but there may be times of financial uncertainty. A change will come in the second half of the year that will provide greater financial comfort and allow you to live at a means that is more accustomed to your liking. Be patient, as the change will come.

Source :

Friday, January 23, 2009

blog kutuk2 orang..

senin lepas kakak opis, kak ashfa bagi tau satu blog pasal blog yg kutuk2 orang..and memang sangat dasyat gitu. kebetulan time tu topic tgh cite pasal branded bag.. amik kau 1000++ comments dia. naik juling2 mata baca (walaupun kadang2 cam tak paham ayat2 die).. tapi memang seronok n few blog yg dia kutuk tu adalah beberapa blog yang memang aku selalu la jugak singgah (ekekek).. patutla aku tengok owner blog tu tetibe macam meroyan tapi bila ku tengok comm box dia takde plak unsur2 kutukan rupa-rupanya p**h clan buat dia jadi bahan... sabar je lah.

dan lagik ada few blog yang tutup semata2 sebab p**h clan. aduhai.

tapi betullah kan dunia blog nie macam lah jugak dunia artis. kalau artis ada penggosip2 terhangat tapi dunia blog dah ada p**h.. kalau artis lagi kena kutuk maksudnya lagi glamour lagi orang kenal lagi orang nak amik berlakon (farahdi*a or soon to be mem*y) ke nyanyi ke(sapa ek?) kalau blog plak lagi kena kutuk lagi dapat hits lagi tambah duit.. fair and square lah kan?

dunia ini adil.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I've lost the skill to write.
This is hard.

Thanks my friends...
... for listening.

Monday, January 12, 2009

This is tough

Tak boleh fikir and taknak fikir.

This is tough.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trip to JB

That was my 1st time went to JB with a TRAIN.. Hihihi. Dah lama tak ada private time with yen. Fun!
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