Friday, September 5, 2014

A night at Avani Sepang GoldCoast Resort

Putting some spark back in my marriage need a lot of work. I have conclude that spending quality time with my husband is the best way. Instead of purchase birthday gift for my husband, i opted something that benefit to both of us. So here we were last Merdeka Day.

Quick 1 night trip without the kids .. Explore the resort, snapping pictures, enjoy their SPA, dinner, life bands.. The best part is the room and the worst is their SPA and parking... Dinner and breakfast buffet is good.

We didn't join any activity provided by the resort (FOC) as we just love being in our room.. Top activity around is cycling since fishing isn't allowed at all.. I was this close to borrow fishing rods from my friend! 

Overall it is a refreshing trip before my husband fly back to Labuan and me doing the routine life.. We have a long discussion to see whether it is a wise decision if me and the kids followed him too... Right now, i'm doing my best and ALLAH will do the rest..

'Indeed, Allah is the best planner'
Images by Freepik