Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Janda Baik

So bila dah habis finalization of the Event, ai memang dah tak boleh duduk diam kat KL.. serba serbi tak kene.. so ajak member pegi bercuti.. booking.com memanjang penuh.. tgk bilik harga sume kedebom kaw2 punya mahal.. brainstorming satu hari satu malam end up decide nak pegi janda baik.. it was a wise decision!

travelling period just 35minutes from kl.. tadaa dah sampai.. map pun senang baca.. tol pun only rm10 return.. the best part boleh drift2 tak hengat bila turun hari tu (the best part).. harga chalet pun seratus only.. memang best la!

confirm akan datang lagi!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

a long silence

right now i'm in the acceptance phase. it ain't easy but i try hard every day every hour every minute every second.

things have been routine. new routine. healing process was continuous. distraction is the most acceptable method other than crying in the middle of night.

after 12 battle years finally my marriage is over. yes say it out loud.. i'm divorced!

18.2.2013 officially date announe by syariah court. what a great present for my birthday.... special thanks to my lawyer mr azril anwar if you were reading this!
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