Tuesday, October 1, 2013

life minus husb

omg boss not around for a week! tetiba rasa semua kerja boleh hold dan boleh bersuka ria terjah website.. before this dok tuju hp yg alahai tak puas betul screen ceconet nak belek2 sampai kepala dah boleh cecah meja.. over! so whatsup with my life? haha.. interesting enough to share ke? not really.. some story doesn't meant to share aight? he he .. how i wish i can share it all... gila stress kalau org baca.. nak cite cite je la kan.. sorry i is x niat punn.. last month - sept suppose to be our wedding anniversary.. so nak hadap bulan sept tu rasa menyampah sangat.. seriously i kid u not.. date trivia in my life 3rd sept is our couple anni (LOL) and our wed anni fall on 9 sep.. it will be 12th wedding annoversary if this year included! whoa! what a record! a decade of marriage - no wonder we have a lot of fight back then... LOL! anyhow.. i do receive a phone call from my mantan hubs (mantan katanya).. i always wonder why we still act like husb-wife situation.. either i'm not letting go of this relationship or him? oh god! give me a break.. sometimes i do feel i want to ignore him if i hang out with my single/couple friends.. but when it come over to spend time with my kids (kids activity) - kidzania, sunway lagoon, desa waterpark, zoo etc i feel like a big loser.. somehow those activity will involve father + mother + kids = happy family. mother + kids = awkward! damn its true! lagi stress bila husband which tag along by wife will act like a supportive husband/father.. contohnya mak pegi toilet ayah jaga anak, mak pujuk anak ayah buat susu, mak suap anak makan ayah pegi beli air! drive me more crazy okehhh.. plus when i heard this 'ummi sembahyang dulu, walid jaga baby' what the ****.. straightly i will looking at the wife and do the annoying judgemental look... ekekekek.. forgive me i'm just a human.. :P by that time i really think about my ex, hey you! i want to re-marry you right now! haha.. funny.. of course its not as simple like that ok.. btw my ex will be back for raya haji holiday 2 weeks plus plus from now.. right now he has been transfer to labuan for 5 years (i guess) ... so.. now we can play a happy family during that time... ahhh how i miss to be a wife.. holiday jalan2 travelling with man and my daugters.. ahhh complete family.. i can smell it now.. and it smell good.. oh mommy need to book hotel right now... sure enough i really miss this holiday organizer thing minus gosok baju, masak, laundry,kemas rumah jobs! ta-ta happy weekdays u all..
me selfie when kids not around.. again! forgive me.. i'm just bored!

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