Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Team Building Activity

My dear friend Beth has been suggesting the initial idea (thanks) for me to start up with the team building thing. Bernas sungguh  idea mu itu.. i do follow what she suggesting.. bila tang grouping people tu dah cantik dah.. sat lagi time nak pikir activity tu macam stuck sket.. while waiting the idea knocking my head i write a memo for funding request.. about this fund pun my HR gila membebel since this activity doesn't budgeting for this year.. but hey people dont you know the term of over budget? since the final budget pun submitted for finance boss to review, there is no hassle to explain on overbudget thing.. anyhow do u know how much i ask for ?

It's only RM500! Gila perah idea nak buat aktiviti yang kurang mengeluarkan duit.. LOL.. u should look my first activity for them.

lots of weird family name submitted.. and some cartoon i never heard before.. LOL.. by the way at first ada la bunyi2 sket among themselves who make this activity like a burden.. siap cakap lagi.. no weekends involve.. ok fine.. just follow what they want.. anyhow i want to make them happy right? whatever negatives taught/look/action throw to me i will pretend not to see.. i will see what best inside u... get it? get it? cheers!

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