Friday, March 22, 2013

dot dot

whats up guyzz.. lately mood sedih dah hilang.. not 100% tapi cam 70%.. life is pretty good... eventhough we were not husb-wife anymore we still lunch together2 talking to phone jalan2 with kids.. sometimes my close fren guessing that we will be back together again.. sorry you were wrong babe.. :)

for me single life is like a freedom.. since i'm married after school which total up to 12 years - now that i'm 30 ; i never taught that single is fun fun fun!.. balik lambat after work, badminton after work, lepak mkn2 after work, weekend without kids (if they stay with their dad) - WOW.. really good.. ahh the commitment is gone..bye bye commitment!

rite now my main focus is 2 thing - work + study... like seriously the job raising kids have been split into 2! i never taught my ex will miss our kids like hell.. he utilize all his free time focusing to raise our children! and suddenly he know what they can eat & whatnot. amazing huh? great!

but of course when it came out like kenduri kawen, birthday bash, movies - zero.. no more partner.. that's the bad thing... memang sedih :(

nvm i learnt pretty much about divorcing.. if u REDHA u will be happy.

love -


PixiePwincess said...

ouh nona.. ku baru baca. ur very the strong! apa lagi, lps ni enjoy lah hehehee

syairah abdullah said...

ayu panjang hehehee ko tu. :P

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