Friday, February 12, 2010


All out betul semalam.

Even audit dah abis tapi bila cerita pasal dia punya outstanding matter memang boleh sakit kepala. Some was due to my negligence from my side but ada juga yg dah explain during audit time pop out again in the sheet. (Sigh). Some co AJE sudah keluar. Oh ya AJE is stand for Audit Journal Entry, which auditor come out with their own adj. Common item will be deferred tax, over/under provision blablabla.. Tapi yang tak tahan sekali ada 1 of the co have an OJE, Opening Journal Entry which is hard to believe and of course it is from our mistake. Lagi our own adj CJE, Client Journal Entry. Itu adalah 2 muka surat jugak (Sigh) Not to forget letter of rep, management letter, letter of trust. Mind u i siap google to refresh all this thing. Ha ha. Next month the tax query pulak akan keluar. Double deduction, capital allowance blablabla. Crucial period u know. If overlooked some issue will contribute more tax paid to the gov. Some said 'What the heck? Co is the one paid the tax. Sudahla bonus sikit' Ha ha.

After the tiring day in the office i terus cabut pegi kelas about 5:30pm. Jam memang tak ingat. Tuelah sapa suruh tak naik putra (Yen view). Bukan i tak mo naik. Tapi confirm i penat bila sampai kelas. Yelah dengan bau2an, kepadatan memang boleh sakit kepala. Sampai kelas confirm x leh focus. Lepas kelas nie nak makan sup ayam ke mcd? Hari ni pukul 10pm ada cerita apa ek? Ke nak layan dvd? In conclusion, biarla sampai kelas pukul 7:00pm janji boleh focus. It's not easy to concentrate from 6:30pm to 9:30pm okeh.

Uihh panjang betul i membebel. :)

Oh ya semalam Thris from the MIS dept belanja i tau. Birthday treat. I opt the fullhouse. Tapi semalam the soup masin sikit dan ayam juga rasa mcm sedikit manis. Overall 3/5 bintang.

Entrance, free jokey service

Inside, peace of mind

Smoking area

My duo bodyguard, joking

Thanks for the luncheon, Thris

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Thristhan said...

Just only read this post :) You are most welcome. So Bile keluar lepak lagi?

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